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Turner Syndrome Foundation Launches New Patient/Caregiver Questionnaire
The Turner Syndrome Foundation has launched a new patient and caregiver questionnaire that will help us identify accessibility to regional services including specialized centers of care, patient-caregiver education, optimal learning environments in schools, etc. Your input here can help us to understand your personal needs and identify potential gaps.
It is a questionnaire available on the website of the foundation that will enable patients and caregivers to not only provide their personal background with Turner Syndrome but also receive the monthly e-newsletter, learn about new research opportunities, and find out how they can volunteer with the foundation.  You can register as a patient or caregiver with the foundation by visiting Patient/Caregiver Questionnaire

2014 NORD Health Summit and Council on Infertility are two healthcare initiatives of Dr. Laavanya Pasupuleti, DO, chairperson of healtcare initiatives. read press release

NJ Law - At Last: February IS Turner Syndrome Awareness Month
Gov. Chris Christie signed a bill into law declaring the month of February as Turner Syndrome Awareness Month. The Foundation is very appreciative to the unanimous support shown.
Asw. Mary Pat Angelini's press release read press release

1/14/13:  NJ Legislative Bill AJR65 Unanimously Approved and Up for Vote

Kym Hall accompanied by her husband Cameron stood up to advocate for Turner Syndrome at the NJ Assembly Committee Session held on January 14, 2013 in Trenton, New Jersey. The bill was unanimously approved by the Assembly Health and Senior Service Committee and is posted for voting as early as 1/28/13. The bill will declare the month of February as Turner Syndrome Awareness Month in New Jersey. Contact your legislature and ask them to support AJR65!

Leadership, skill, persistence and passion are traits which allow Kym to focus on making a final push to move the bill forward in New Jersey. Join the Advocacy Team - Volunteer application form