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The Annual Appeal for Turner Syndrome

This Cause, this Condition, for so many is a personal one. It affects our daughters, our family, our friends, our profession, and our lives.  Now more than ever your GIFT of SUPPORT will expand our capacity to deliver uncompromising advancements to protect and ensure that every life is provided the dignity of good healthcare. As a nonprofit we ask for your support not only in volunteering, but also your financial stewardship to drive this mission forward.
We are doing our part. We ask that you help us by making an impactful gift now.

2015 Annual Appeal Letter
A Giving Season - A Time To Heal

“Being apart of your organization is important to me because it really is the only connection or memory I have of my daughter since I lost her in utero to Turner Syndrome. Giving to this organization gives me some peace because Skylar’s memory is helping others. 
I will be making a donation in Skylar’s name for Christmas.
Thank you for all your hard work in bringing awareness for Turner Syndrome to others and giving support to people like me. You do not know how much this organization has helped me deal with this terribly sad situation. 
So, on behalf of my family, thank you and Happy Holidays.” - Kristen B.      

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Turner Syndrome Foundation Launches New Patient/Caregiver Registry

The Turner Syndrome Foundation has launched a new patient and caregiver questionnaire that will help us identify accessibility to regional services including specialized centers of care, patient-caregiver education, optimal learning environments in schools, etc. Your input here can help us to understand your personal needs and identify potential gaps.
It is a questionnaire available on the website of the foundation that will enable patients and caregivers to not only provide their personal background with Turner Syndrome but also receive the monthly e-newsletter, learn about new research opportunities, and find out how they can volunteer with the foundation.  You can register as a patient or caregiver with the foundation by visiting Patient/Caregiver Questionnaire