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Emergency Alert Card Program

The Turner Syndrome Foundation would like to present a program for patients to carry a card that provides information that can protect them in case of a medical emergency. Healthcare professional’s aware of this condition can direct care strategies and possibly save lives.

Medical Alert for Cardiac Events:
There are several inherent risks associated with having Turner Syndrome including cardiac problems with the associated blood pressure issues, diabetes and kidney malformations. Should a woman or girl become unconscious, the Emergency Contact Card (ECC) can provide invaluable information to emergency responders.
Individuals with Turner Syndrome are at a higher risk than the average population for possible life threatening cardiac events especially aortic dissection (a tear or rupture between layers of the aortic wall).  It is important for all women to know the signs of aortic dissection and what to do in the event that they may experience unexplained chest, back, or abdominal pain.

Emergency departments tend to be very busy and the knowledge about Turner Syndrome can vary.  Do not be shy about telling doctors and nurses what you know about your condition.

What can you do?

Be sure that you and or your family member are prepared to:
  1. Advocate for yourself by telling emergency department staff that you have Turner Syndrome and the increased risk of aortic dissection.
  2. Communicate effectively with doctors and nurses in the emergency department.
  3. Show them your emergency alert card.
What are the symptoms?

Symptoms of an aortic dissection can be variable, relatively minor, and nonspecific. Chest pain is the most common symptom, but pain can also occur in the back/or abdomen. The pain may be described as severe or vague, constant or intermittent, migratory, tearing, tightness, or fullness.

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